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This blog is a journal of our assignment in Chicago, IL as missionaries for The Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. We will be missionaries for twelve months starting in January 2014. It is a public blog so that our family and friends can share our experience with ease. The writings here are not intended to be a political, religious or social commentary. They are the memories, thoughts and "light bulb' moments we have as we serve. We welcome you the reader.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Letter # 9 Making A Nest

February 8, 2014
As we close the door of our house on the cold and snow, I can't help wonder where the birds spend their days and nights in this dark winter time. Everyone needs a place to snuggle in and feel safe from the world. The first time we pulled up to the house that had been rented for us, we found Sister Crook shoveling the driveway and Elder Crook inside cranking up the heat and turning on the lights. These missionaries hail from Star Valley, Wyoming. As it turns out we have driven past their house over and over as we visited Chandra and her family in Rexburg. They have a dairy farm right on the main highway. In addition they have family connections in Flower Mound. We will work out of the mission office with them. Sister Crook is the mission secretary and Elder Crook handles the finances and apartments. As the Crooks gave us a tour of our new nest, we could see that there were a few twigs that would need adjustment and the addition of a few soft grasses before it would feel like ours.  To our surprise the kitchen already had some new soft grasses. Ian and Cristina had gotten a key to the house, consulted with Elise about our tastes, shopped at the store and left groceries, paper goods, cleaning supplies and treats in the kitchen for us. Once again, we felt the love of those supporting us. With every step the way has been smoothed for us. We feel safe from the world.

At the mission office, we find another set of senior missionaries, the Taggarts. Elder Taggart takes care of the I Pads, phones and cars. Sister Taggart is the referral secretary. Interestingly, there are approximately 400 people who refer themselves every month for visits from the missionaries. Sister Taggart determines which missionaries cover each address and sends them the information. The missionaries then follow up. The Taggarts also sold their home before they came out from Washington state. They will return to Utah to live near their children.

Dad's assignment will be to take over the apartments from Elder Crook. In addition, he will always be my companion as we need to tend to medical situations in the mission. Once again it becomes clear that there will be more to our service than a job description list. The six of us in the office are the functional support for the entire workings of the mission. nothing could really work without the investment of our time, talents and love. Love being the operative word. There could be no service here without the great love we feel for our young missionaries. The young missionaries depend upon us to gather and arrange the twigs and twines and feathers for their nest.

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