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This blog is a journal of our assignment in Chicago, IL as missionaries for The Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. We will be missionaries for twelve months starting in January 2014. It is a public blog so that our family and friends can share our experience with ease. The writings here are not intended to be a political, religious or social commentary. They are the memories, thoughts and "light bulb' moments we have as we serve. We welcome you the reader.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Letter # 2 All Systems Go

May 2013.
 How does one become a missionary? We started by scanning the list of opportunities. The posting that caught our eye and interest was working with a program called the Perpetual Education Fund and Self Reliance Centers. The PEF allows individuals from developing countries to receive educational funds and then repay those funds when they finish their education and are employed---then the next person uses the funds, etc. The Self Reliance Centers are paired with this and provide classes and training in life skills, health and educational basics. We will need to serve somewhere in the world other than the United States since these programs are not offered here. We can do this!  Filling out scores of forms and questionnaires are our next task. All body systems are ok'd to serve. In this age of technology, you push the button and your info heads off into cyberspace. But wait, don't push the button yet! We become aware that although we have a plan, there are family circumstances that cannot be ignored. There are concerns that become apparent and this changes things. Our forms get a do over and we say that we will need to serve in the United States. We say that we are willing to serve anywhere and in any capacity. Now we push the button and the wait begins. what are we waiting for? We are waiting for our "Call".

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